Social Justice Resources 

Links to BIPOC +Environmentalist material

The following is a list of material pertaining to BIPOC + environmental issues. My emphasis is on Canada but this will include material and resources from everywhere.

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, writer:




Unist’ot’en and Gidimt’en check point:


There’s Something in the Water, book: 

Ingrid Waldron, @waldroningrid on Instagram 

There’s Something in the Water Documentary:

Polluted Promises book:

The Right to be Cold, book:

 Mustard Greens, book:

Fern Wood Publishing:

 A Different Book List - book store:


Wander and Wonder Studio, books for kids:

Foodshare Toronto, Organisation:


Links to 



This section focuses on material about  de-escalation and interaction  tactics.

Vidhya Ramalingam, author/speaker/founder:, German institute on radicalization and de-radicalization studies:

Life After Hate, rehabilitation group:

Links recommended by this organization:

Links to resources for allies 

This is a collection of news organizations, work books, reading material and otherwise educational resources for allies of BIPOC communities.

Democracy Now, news media: 


Links to materials through Toronto’s  Akin Collective

Rachel E. Cargle, educator / activist:



Petition to defund the Toronto Police:


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