About Me 

I’m Lee, a queer tattooer and co-owner of Tapestry Tattoos.

I graduated from OCADU and have been a tattoo artist for 5 years. My mandate as an artist is to do my best to provide safe space for people. What I aim to achieve under the umbrella of safe space is inclusion for people who identify as: female, POC, disabled, low income, HIV-positive, trans and non- binary as well as those seeking a space that embraces body positivity and mental health awareness. This is an ever growing list and I look forward to adding to it with your help. If there’s anything you’d like to let me know before a tattoo session (ie. pronoun preference, accessibility needs etc) please included it in your email.



$150/hr + (13% tax)

5 monthly spots available at sliding scale rate $110-150/hr + (13% tax)

I prefer not to do any tattoos that are 1x1"


To reserve an appointment I require a 40$ security deposit which is included in the final price. This is included as a sketch fee and on the day of our appointment I will have at least three sketches for you to choose from. Typically I do not send sketches out before hand because of the volume of drawings I have to do, but am open to it if you ask me about it before hand. 

Booking Appointments

All appointments need to be made via email. Send me a brief description of what you want in the form I send back to you. If it is custom work include a visual reference for me.

To confirm an appointment a 40$ security deposit is needed.

Using Format